The Definitive Guide To Keyword Research for Food Bloggers

Welcome all Food Bloggers to my Kitchen Keyword Research Lab.

Looking for profitable keywords for your food recipes blog right? I got your back

Find best keywords to your food recipes

Anyway let’s start with this huge post that will open your eyes to the keyword research techniques.

I’m sure the first keyword that comes to your mind “Recipe”. Bingo

From “Recipe” we have a huge list: Chicken Recipes, Fish Recipes……etc.  These are  broad keywords.

All, right, who doesn’t know  Google Keyword Planner (GKP)? If you don’t, don’t freak out. To make it easy for you, it’s a tool to help you find keywords ideas with a search volume.

Yes, as most people will tell you, to go and search for  keywords with huge traffic on Google Planner. Let’s say “Chicken Recipe”

Google Keyword Planner

I’m pretty sure; you are EXCITED and looking closely at “Chicken Recipe” with 49.500 Monthly Searches.

Slow down because what I’m going to tell you might upsets you but it’s the truth. Let me ask you.

How many people do the same search as I did ?

A lot and that’s why everyone is targeting almost the same keyword and that’s what makes it harder to rank on Google because those keywords are like an open book 😉

Do you agree? You should.

No worries, I’m not confusing you at all.

Ready to get your hands dirty?

Of course you do.


Let me pull the curtains to show you amazing strategies that will save you time.


Steps To Follow


Head over to Google Keyword Planner if you don’t have an account, you can set up one, it’s easy and fast.

Google adword


After clicking on “Start now” you will land in this page. Just click on “Skip the guided setup”


google skip sign






Just fill up the form.





After signing up, go to tab  “Tools” then scroll down to “Keyword Planner”

google planner



You will find four tools that you can choose from

google 4 tools



Which one will you choose to find great keywords?

First click on “Search for new keyword and ad group ideas”

You will get this list of options

keyword planner


Let’s dig into these options

keyword planner research

Regarding the “Niche” you can choose the most suitable for your audience.

Since you are in the niche food industry I think, it’s better to target “All Locations” unless you have other projects in mind. So it’s up to you 🙂

Google Planner





For “Keyword filters”, it’s to specify the amount of searches that you are interested to get. For example, you might be looking for keywords that generates more than 5000 search per month

Google Keyword Tool Filter

monthly search



Now you are all set, go ahead and  click on  Get ideas

This is what we got so far

list of keywords


You have two Tabs on the search results “Ad group ideas” and “Keywords ideas”

tabs keyword planner

If you hover over the graph icon, you will see the search trend for the whole year, as I showed you on this short recording video below, by the way it’s free software for screencast.



Why the graph is important? Well it will help you figure out if the term is becoming more or less popular. So it’s a useful stat.

I suggest digging into both tabs to find more keywords to target.


To get more keywords you can just put two words instead of one to get more ideas as shown on the video below.



I know its overwhelming information but I would like to give you more tips and strategies to find valuable keywords to bring more traffic to your food blog.That’s the whole point of this post 🙂



All right, Google Planner is a great tool and totally Free, no questions to ask. Have you ever heard Lance Armstrong saying “ But Everybody is Doing It” well , we are in the same situation, there is no secret Google Planner is giving the exact same keywords to everyone including your competitors 🙁  No worries Chill Chill:-)


How to Use Google Keyword Planner The Right Way to Find Keywords For Food Recipes

There is a way around it so let’s take the keyword “Chicken Recipes” as an example

chicken recipes search


Scroll down at the bottom of the page and have a look at “Searches related to…”

related searches for chicken recipes

Bingo! We found some candies “Keywords” related to our main keyword “Chicken Recipes”, as you can see we are getting long tail keywords which are awesome to target and they are less competitive.

You can keep going, I mean from the “Searches related to…” we can get more keywords ideas.

Click on “Grilled Chicken Recipes”

related to


Just like explained above, scroll down and you will find more untapped keywords 🙂


As you can see from “Chicken Recipes” we ended up with “Grilled Chicken Recipes Indian Style” and if you want you can keep following the same process to find more and more long tail keywords BUT you have to be honest that you can create that kind of recipes to your audience 😉


Ok, Google is the Big Boss but there other tools to help you as well to find yummy keywords.


How to Use Übersuggest To Find Huge Suggestion of Keywords

Übersuggest The Google Suggest Scrapper

You know when you type in a keyword on Google you will get a list, like in the video below.


That’s just for “Chicken” what about when we add a letter after the keyword as shown on the video below?

Well we got more suggestions from Google right?

And this is when Übersuggest is handy as shown in the video.

You have to go through the keywords and find the most relevant to your Food Blog.



How to Use Quora to Find Keywords for a Food Blog

Have you ever heard about Yahoo Answers?  With all my respect to Yahoo but I’m not a fan, I love Quora instead 🙂


No point to show you how to sign up because at this level most of us know how to do that 😉


Once you are in, go ahead and type in a broad keyword, in our case “ Cooking”

quora search cooking

On the screenshot below you can see some questions

quora search results for cooking

Let’s choose “Cooking Mistakes” and search for it on Google Keyword Planner.

cooking mistakes


The keyword itself doesn’t have a high search volume but getting let’s say 20% of the 110 searches if you rank for that keyword on the first page of Google ORGANICALLY that would be an extra traffic to your website and you might convert that traffic into subscribers…etc

Remember Google Suggest ? Well we have something not exactly the same on Quora but as soon as you type in “Cooking” on Quora search bar, you will get some suggestions as shown on the video below.

Weird: “What are some recipes and cooking tips for cooking cockroaches”



Do you want more strategies to find more keywords for your food blog ?  Yeahhh

Let’s keep cooking

How to Use Wikipedia To Find Unused Keywords for Food Recipes

Wikipedia, yep, brainstorming keywords ideas from this monster is gold.

This is how you do it, go to Google search and type in: + Keyword of your choice, watch the video below.


I choose “Cashew chicken” as a keyword. Let’s jump into Google Keyword Planner to check the search volume for that keyword.


We found a new keyword Cashew Chicken Recipe with 6600 searches !!!


You want more? Sure you do, we are always hungry for new keywords 🙂

How To Find Keywords for Food Recipes Using Forums


Yes, forums are a source of keywords, a lot of people ignore it because they love just to go into forums to spam the hell of them. Well let me tell you that you really have to join some forums why?

Because, it’s the place where your audience is hanging out and asking questions, so if you can resolve their problems, they will appreciate it and pretty much they will visit your website 🙂

Let’s dig into this strategy.

To find these forums you can use this search strings

“keyword” + “powered by vbulletin”

“keyword” + “forum”

baking search query


You will get a huge list of forums; try to find the ones that they are active

Time to dig into the forum categories.

forum categories


Click on the category that you are interested in

forum baking


Bingo, in a short time I came up with several keywords that people might be searching on Google

“Pie crust shrinks”

“How is a Croquembouche Served?”

“Evan Kleiman Pie Crust”

If you put these keywords into Google Keyword Planner I’m pretty sure you will get overwhelmed with new keywords.


Here another trick to find relevant Food Forums.

Go to Boardreader

food forum searches


Type in your desired keyword, you will get a huge list of forums related to the food industry.

boardreader forum



I heard someone from the Kitchen Lab screaming “Keep Going”

Oh I know the audience need more lol

Ok let’s go back to the big boss Google.


How to Use Google Trends to Find Hidden Food Recipes Keywords

In my opinion this one is VITAL before choosing the keyword why? Because this tool that I’m going to show you, will save you TIME =MONEY


Google Trends Tool


As you saw in the video, this tool shows you “Interest Over Time” and it looks like Chicken Recipe  has a steady volume search.

If you paid attention when I scrolled down, the tool showed our famous “Related Searches“ then I clicked on “Raising” right? Well, those are new golden keywords that you have to take advantage of.


There you go, your menu is ready: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 🙂

Hey don’t forget and send me some Brownies!! I love them!


If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to contact me or just comment and I get back to you as soon as possible.

Enjoy your meal

P.s In my next post I will discuss about the competition. Stay tuned

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